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Easy Course Instructions
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This page assists you in learning more about how our Online Distance Learning, time-saving courses work.

It's easy! Just follow these simple, step-by-step instructions and you'll be re-certified in no time!

Printed versions are no longer available.


Step 1:

Order a course or course Pack on our secure web site

Step 2:

Receive the Course Workbook/Worksheet/Quiz by E-Mail.

IMPORTANT : Check your Inbox, Spam, Bulk and Trash Folders to make sure you got your Course Attachment.

Step 3:

Read the Workbook and familiarize yourself with the concepts in the course.

Step 4:

Take the Worksheet Quiz provided and complete it. Then attempt the Quiz.

Step 5:

E-mail the Quiz Answers to Staff (at) acupuncture-ceus.com for grading at our Testing Center by following these instructions:

Instructions for sending answers by E-mail for same day certificate issuance

Email your answers to us in the exact format below.    

Please make sure the items below are part of your plain text E-mail (no attachments):  

Your Name  

Name of Acupuncture Course  

License Numbers: (Supply State License Number and/or NCCAOM License Number if you have one.)  


A Valid E-mail Address where the certificate can be emailed

Phone Number  

ATTESTATION - (We must receive this Attestation with your Answers) I attest that I have completed this course, (name your course here). In case a question arises before any State or National Board or Commission of Acupuncture as to the veracity of my above assertion, I undertake that it will be my sole responsibility to clarify that without involving Acupuncture-CEUs.com Inc. or its owners in any way.


Answers to the Quiz should be in this easy sample format:

1. A

2. B

3. C

4. D

5. True

6. False  

If you follow the above directions, your certificate will be issued the same day for your convenience in order to save you time and assist you in obtaining your CEUs quickly.  


Step 6:

We will grade your Quiz Answers and upon satisfactory completion of the Quiz, send you your certificate by E-mail to save you time.

Step 7:

Congratulations! You just got re-certified!

IMPORTANT : Always check your Spam Folder when you order. Sometimes Course Attachments end up there instead of your Inbox. Add our Email Address to your safe list, this will ensure your coursework gets to you on time.

Email Address: Staff (at) acupuncture-ceus.com

Text us at 480-495-6295